Our extra-wide blinds are perfect for today's modern windows with their wide expanses of glass. Look around and you'll find just what you need to furnish your home, office, or commercial project.

about our blinds

It's true to say that our blinds are bigger than you'd normally find on the web. In fact they're available in sizes that are wider - and longer - than you might have ever believed possible.

They're all manufactured from the highest quality materials available, with components individually selected to ensure smooth and safe operation. .

And they're bespoke - each one is made to measure to fit your windows and exactly suit your requirements.

how we work

Because of this we operate slightly differently from most internet blind companies - we're a little less automated and a little bit more hands on.

Experience has shown us that it's good to talk things through, so once you've had a look around feel free to give us a call and have a chat about what you're looking for.

We're happy to send out samples and give you a quote - all without obligation.

We can offer a full measuring and fitting service throughout Greater London but talk to us if your project is elsewhere in the UK and we'll see if we can help.

If you'd prefer to organise installation yourself we're happy to manufacture your blinds on a 'supply only' basis (we can deliver anywhere in the UK).


wide blinds range

We supply most styles of window blinds in wider widths and longer drops than you'll find anywhere else on the web today. Here's a summary...

extra wide roller blinds

The very latest manufacturing technology means you can now have roller blinds made up to 5 metres wide (and up to 5.2 metres drop).

And we've a great range of extra wide fabrics chosen for style durability and performance - click here to discover more about our extra wide roller blinds >>

extra wide wooden blinds

The wider the slat, the wider your blind can be made. Your blinds can be made in 25mm or 50mm slat widths, but wooden blinds made from wider slats are lighter - which means we can make them up to an impressive 2.7m wide

Click on the link and you'll find much more about our extra wide wooden blinds >>

extra wide venetian blinds

Have your venetian blinds made up to a spectacular 3.8m wide - and we've got three slat widths and a great range of colours and finishes to choose from ...

Find out everything you need to know about extra wide venetian blinds >>

extra wide vertical blinds

Vertical blinds offer an affordable way to cover larger windows - and give great flexibilty in both shade and privacy. Our extra wide vertical blinds are available up to 450cm wide and up to 360cm drop.

We've a great range of fabrics in an assortment of colours and textures and fire retardent fabrics for commercial projects and offices.

Are they right for you? Get more information about extra wide vertical blinds >>

extra wide roman blinds

Whether you want lined or unlined roman blinds, you'll find ours are as big as they get. You can have roman blinds made up to 2.9m wide - and we've even got extra wide fabrics to avoid unsightly joins!

Here's where you'll find more details about extra wide roman blinds >>

how wide ?

Here's a guide to the maximum sizes that we can manufacture for each style of blind.. For more details click on the individual products ...

  max width max length
wide roller blinds 500 cm 310 cm
wide wooden blinds 270 cm 300 cm
wide venetian blinds 380 cm 360 cm
wide vertical blinds 450 cm 360 cm
wide roman blinds 290 cm 300 cm
wide panel blinds 520 cm 320 cm