You can choose to have your wooden blinds operated remotely using either a low voltage motor or a wirefree battery powered system.


All our electric wooden venetian blinds are generally powered by Somfy - the world leader in the manufacture of window blind motors..

240v motors

You can choose to have your blind operate remotely with a mains voltage system that will raise and lower your blind and turn and tilt the slats at the touch of a button.

A mains voltage motor is built into the headrail completely out of sight.

wirefree motors

Often our clients find they rarely lift their wooden blinds - prefering instead to leave them lowered semi- permanently, only raising them occasionally for window maintenance.

If you plan to mostly control light and privacy by tilting and turning your slats - as many do - you can take advantage of our wirefree battery powered system.

This has a slender battery wand located behind the headrail. This is powerful enough to tilt and turn the slats but is unsuited to raising or lowering the entire blind.


Whichever system you choose your blind will be controlled at the touch of a button using Somfy's patented RTS system.

All of Somfy's remote controls are sleek and stylish in a choice of fashionable finishes designed to co-ordinate with your decor.

To see more about Somfy controls, view their brochure here >>