WIDE PANEL BLINDS                                     - up to 5.2 metres wide

Our wide panel blinds offer an incredibly stylish option for very wide windows.

panel blinds for the widest of windows

Our panel blinds are available up to 5.2 metres wide and better still they can be joined to cover a massive 10.4 metres !

Available with panels stacked to one side - or on both sides ( like a pair of curtains) each panel is available in a range of widths, depending on the number of panels that you choose and the span of your window.

As a rough guide, your fabric panel width will equal the width of your track divided by the number of panels - plus 15cm.

Don't worry though - we'll do the maths.

Tell us how big your window is and how you want your blind to look (panels on one side or on both sides) and we'll do the sums and let you know what your options are.

how they work

panel glide track image

Panel blinds hang from a track that's normally fixed to your ceiling - the track can be wall fixed but rarely looks as good.

Panel blinds comprise of two key components.

Main track and sliding fabric carriers - which are pre-assembled with the track.

The track varies in width, with 3-5 channels depending on the design and size that you require.

Panel blind tracks can be fitted to most ceilings that have a smooth flat, level finish.

Fabric panels - easy to hang, with a velcro heading that attaches to the sliding tracks and a lightweight bottom bar that maintains the fabric panel's appearance.

Each of the panels overlap - normally by about 10-15 cm. This assists in operating the blinds - without the overlap the fabric panels catch on each other as they move and become damaged. The panels can be operated by a wand (draw rod) or a cord pulley.


panel glide track

panel glide track








Our panel blind fabrics are selected for performance, style and suitability for covering wide expanses of glass.

They're available in sheer, textured and plain fabrics with something to suit any contemporary interior.

We've a great range of colourways - to see them click here >>

price guide

Expect to pay around £50 per square metre for a manually operated wide panel blind made from Mermet screen fabric.

(Price based on a single stack 5.2 metre wide by 3 metre drop blind - including vat, excluding delivery)