Our motorised roller blinds are available as standard up to 4 metres wide and 5.2 metres long. Wider roller blinds are available on application.

Our screen fabrics are super-strong, stain resistant, washable and very hardwearing - perfect for floor-to-ceiling blinds, vulnerable to wear and tear.

how wide are our roller blinds?

240v motorised roller blinds are available - as standard - up to 4metres wide and 5.2m drop.  Longer, wider roller blinds are available subject to confirmation - remember you'll need clear access.

WIRE FREE MOTORISED roller blinds powered by the extraodinary Q-Motion electronic system are available up to 3metres wide and 3.5metres high.


extra-wide roller blind fabrics

Wide roller blinds need extra-wide fabrics. We've a great range of specialist fabrics in wider widths that hang superbly.

They're super-strong, easy to wipe clean and designed to protect from UV and diffuse glare. They're available in a range of transparencies and neutral colour-ways.

Mermet screen fabrics are available up to 3.1m wide and we've also a Core Range of competitively priced Screen and Blackout fabrics available up to 3m wide.


Where ever possible, we avoid joining fabrics.

Our widest fabrics are around 3 metres wide - which is much wider than normal (2m), but not always wide enough..!

But by turning the fabric 90 degrees (it's known as rail-roading) we can produce a blind up to 5 metres wide and 3 metres long - without a visible join.

We generally leave around 40cm of fabric on the barrel of the blind for stability. So, blinds wider than 3.1 metres wide (and longer than 2.6 metres) will have their fabric rail-roaded with a single horizontal join - normally towards the top of the blind (the distance is roughly the same as the fabric width) where it's generally less on view.

Screen Fabrics

Our screen fabrics are specially selected for strength and durability. They last for years and years, a PVC component shields the fabric and allows it to be sponged/wiped down very effectively. Dust, flies and sticky finger marks all wipe-off easily.

Our range is available in a range of transparencies 1%, 3% & 5% - that deliver differing levels of privacy and glare control.

Blackout Fabrics

Our extra-wide blackout fabrics are available up to 3m wide in five colour-ways. We also have a wider range of colours available in standard width (2m wide) blackout fabrics.

manual roller blinds  - RIP

We no longer supply manual roller blinds

This is partly due to considerations regarding child safety legislation and partly because, specialising as we do, we know that our blinds function best when motorised.

wire-free QMotion motorised roller blinds - up to 3m wide

Great for retro-fitting our Wire-Free roller blinds operate using the latest in technology - there's no wiring and batteries can last up to seven years.

Amazingly the motor (in conjunction with some very clever technology) powers blinds up to 3m wide x 3.5m high.

And you can even control them from your SmartPhone!

For more information download the QMotion brochure here >>

240v motorised, extra-wide roller blinds - up to 4m(+) wide

240v roller blinds require a power supply - either a socket or fused spur - and are generally operated using wireless, remote controls (either hand-held or wall mounted).

All our motors are tubular and housed inside the barrel of the blind.


finishing touches

bottom bars

All roller blinds need a weighted bottom bar to the lower edge. Not only does this maintain the appearance of the blind by keeping the fabric stable - it can also be an attractive design detail.

We offer a selection of styles in different finishes - below are some of the options we offer...





price guide
You can get a good idea of how much your blind is likely to cost, here >>