WIDE VENETIAN BLINDS                     - up to 3.8m wide

Our venetian blinds are available up to a massive 3.8 metres wide & up to 3.6 metres long.

WIDE VENETIAN BLINDS in 3 slat widths

All our venetian blinds are manufactured using high gauge 21 micron aluminium slats enabling us to supply blinds that are not just big but very strong and stable.

Wider slat widths are more stable and can be made up into larger blinds - see details below...


Available up to 3.8 metres wide & 3.6 metres drop.


Available up to 3.8 metres wide & 3.6 metres drop.


Available up to 3 metres wide & 3.6 metres drop.



The following colour-ways are each available in all three slat widths: 25mm, 35mm & 50mm. We have other colours that are available just as 25mm or 35mm slats, call us for more details...

wide venetian blind 7113

7113 metallic

wide venetian blind 7120

7120 metallic

wide venetian blind 0204

0204 gloss

wide venetian blind 0150

0150 satin

wide venetian blind 4806

4806 gloss

wide venetian blind 4459

4459 satin

wide venetian blind 0606

0606 gloss

wide venetian blind 0952

0952 satin

wide venetian blind 4756

4756 satin

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price guide

Expect to pay around £30 per square metre for a manually operated wide venetian blind.

(Price based on a 3.8 metre wide by 2.4 metre drop blind - including vat, excluding delivery)