WIDE VERTICAL BLINDS                             - up to 4.5 metres wide

Our vertical blinds are available up to 4.5 metres wide - with vanes of 89mm & 127mm.

big budget blinds

Beautiful and affordable. Vertical blinds are the economical way to cover your large windows.

Often seen in offices - they're making a comeback on home territory and look great where there's floor to ceiling glass.


Vertical blinds hang from an easy to fit, narrow, lightweight track fitted straight to your ceiling.

Narrow fabric vanes - either 89mm or 127mm wide - hook on individually and are operated by two controls - a cord pulley which opens and closes the blind along the track and a chain pulley that tlits the vanes to suit.

Because they're lightweight, vertical blinds can be fitted to virtually any ceiling - a suspended ceiling should support them easily.


Keeping it simple is the tip with vertical blinds - the current trend is for neutrals and we've put together a selection of best sellers for you here>>

price guide

Expect to pay from £25 per square metre for a manually operated wide vertical blind.

(Price based on a 4.5 metre by 3.2 metre wide blind in fabric from price band A- including vat, excluding delivery)